Wedding infographic

What do you do at a wedding ceremony if you want to address the married couple, and want to do something else than all the usual performances and presentations? That very challenge inspired me to create a wedding infographic at the wedding of our youngest son.

An infographic turned out to be the perfect medium to visualize and describe stages in the life of the to be married couple. It allowed to use a 'tone of voice and visual' that matched the personalities of the persons in question.

The design was saved in Acrobat Pro in high press quality and ISO B1 poster size (707 × 1000 mm). The product itself was printed by a professional printer on high quality photo paper and then placed and laminated on a carrier, in this case a forex board. The result was a 5mm thick photo poster that the couple could hang on the wall as a souvenir of their special day.

The wedding banquet offered the perfect opportunity to present the infographic and select some highlights to share with the audience. The infographic was very well received by couple and wedding guests.

Perhaps this concept  inspires you, reader, to do something alike at an event like a wedding or a jubilee. Feel free to give it your own twist. I recommend to use the design tool that you are familiar with.


For privacy reasons, I have anonymized the poster and converted it into the very basic template beneath. The original colorful pictures are replaced by pictures from a sand sculpture exhibition and the text boxes are cleared.

The template is based on the marriage of Tarzan and Jane and contains the following elements:

  1. A title header, flanked by two wedding rings
  2. A central body, in which I placed pictures of the couple in situations where they were together
  3. A left border frame, that contains pictures of Tarzan in various situations/activities
  4. A right border frame that contains pictures of Jane in various situations/activities
  5. A series of text boxes in the left frame that contain text snippets describing characteristics, e.g. hobbies, journeys, sayings, of Tarzan
  6. A series of text boxes in the right frame that contain text snippets describing characteristics, e.g. hobbies, journeys, sayings, of Jane
  7. A bottom frame that contains on the left site four stages in the life of Tarzan, and on the right site four stages in the life of Jane
  8. Label fields beneath all boxes, to describe briefly the content of the box.

In my infographic, I reserved the bottom left text box for a puzzle. I manipulated pictures in the infographic and placed seven elements on them that didn't belong there. For example, I replaced the head of a passenger in the car of the couple by the head of a famous Dutch artist that they both favor. The text in the left box simply encouraged the spectators to find these seven elements. The solution to the puzzle was placed in the bottom right text box.

In the central body, I placed a picture of the couple in the middle octagon and used the above octagon to display their wedding invitation. Both boxes were self-explaining, so I didn't put a label beneath them.

A pdf of the infographic template can be downloaded here. Unfortunately are the pictures only visible after download.

Good luck.

Thei Geurts

July 14, 2016